VCSA Member Feature: Shropshire Remap

Shropshire Remap:

Providing innovative, practical solutions to everyday challenges encountered by disabled people in our community

Shropshire Remap recently helped a client who was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair. He was forced to eat meals on his lap as he could not fit his knees underneath his dining table.

The table had been inherited from his great grandmother, and so was of sentimental value to the family, who were eager to find a solution without drilling or altering the table. Remap volunteers – whose expertise ranges from woodwork to engineering to computing – set to work to supply the answer.

Shropshire Remap have plenty of experience of regularly partnering with Occupational Therapists to address a variety of needs. In the past they have helped 132 people retain independence whilst living with a disability. From modifying a professional artist’s easel to creating gardening tool adaptations for a client who has difficulty gripping, they remain eager and willing to help those who need it.

In this latest case, a Shropshire Remap volunteer carved four wooden blocks to accept the table legs and stained them to match. This raised the height by six inches so the client can now fit his wheelchair underneath and eat meals or do paperwork at the table without these additions being too noticeable or jarring with their surroundings.

Branch Chairman, John Graham, said “Shropshire Remap are always seeking volunteers to enable us to continue to support people with disabilities and difficulties by making aids and equipment to improve their quality of life and independence. Volunteers with either specific or general skills are welcome such as engineers, woodworkers, electric or electronics, metalworkers, or just good DIYers!”

If you want to learn more about Shropshire Remap, visit their website: Home - Remap Shropshire


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