VCSA Member Feature: 'A Good Thing'

'A Good Thing' Brings Business and Charities Together to Curb Waste

Hands Together Ludlow acquired a new printer and microwave for their new offices over the summer thanks to a local business, DCS Digital, and an app called A Good Thing.

Hands Together Ludlow has never been more needed: they provide aid to disadvantaged people in and around the town of Ludlow in Shropshire by coordinating volunteers to provide short-term assistance to local people, doing great work with local providers, and establishing new projects to meet longer-term needs.

An office move for Hands Together meant that some of the equipment it had on loan was no longer available. But providing people in the community with access to a printer was vital:

‘The printer we use at the moment is not ours – it belongs to the office where our administrator is based, so we can’t take it when we move. It is vital, though: our sessions support people without equipment and/or knowledge.’ Susie, Hands Together Ludlow

Meanwhile, the team at DCS Digital, an e-commerce specialist agency in Bridgnorth, was keen to get back to the office, as they were missing the collaboration and creativity that face-to-face working brought to the group. Scott Bowler, Technical Director at DCS Digital, explained:

‘As soon as the chance to return to the office presented itself, the team was keen to get back. When the pandemic started, I provided them with the kit they needed to be able to carry out their roles at home. When they came back, so did some of the equipment – including a printer we no longer needed.’

Having heard about A Good Thing through a colleague who volunteers with local charities, Scott quickly set up an account, listed the item and had a response within 12 hours!

Hands Together Ludlow collected the printer from DCS Digital’s office in central Bridgnorth, where Scott showed them around and asked if there was anything else they needed for their new space. A surplus microwave ended up being loaded into the car along with the printer, and they both made their way to their new home.

‘Preventing waste is a key part of our mission at DCS. It was so easy to use the A Good Thing app, and I was surprised at how quickly a match was found. The whole team is delighted to support a local charity that’s working closely with the people in our local community. I highly recommend A Good Thing to other businesses having a sort-out!’ Scott, DCS Digital

A Good Thing: Growing in Strength in Shropshire

Started in the Thames Valley in 2021, A Good Thing has quickly grown to cover more and more areas of the UK, helping to connect businesses and charities like DCS Digital and Hands Together Ludlow and increase the strength of the local circular economy through the promotion of reuse. While more and more businesses and charities in Shropshire are signing up to work together through the app, A Good Thing is now looking for a locally-based community champions who can help improve these connections.

What might A Good Thing Community Champion in Shropshire do? Harry, a 21-year-old student and Community Champion in Southeast London explains:

“I have now officially joined the A Good Thing team as a volunteer ‘local champion’! I’m working to raise awareness of A Good Thing within my local area by spreading the word among local businesses. I’ll be helping businesses to identify items they may be storing that are no longer needed, but which an amazing local charity would instantly snap up!”

If you are a local charity, voluntary group or non-profit organisation interested in finding out how A Good Thing might help you, check out their website and sign up for free.

If you are interested in the opportunity to volunteer as a Community Champion for A Good Thing in Shropshire, check out our volunteer listing below, or visit their website to learn more about volunteering with A Good Thing.