VCSA 2023 State of the Sector Survey - Deadline Extended!

Data on the Shropshire VCSE Sector Has Power

Each year, the VCSA collects key information on voluntary and community sector organisations, in the only comprehensive survey of its kind in our county, The State of the Sector Survey. This information is vital to informing the sector, its funders, and its public sector partners such as Shropshire Council and the NHS as to the needs, strengths and trends going on in this incredible and vibrant sector.

Insights that the VCSA has produced with your data have been used just this year in successful funding applications, in presentations to partnership Boards such as the SHIPP and TWIPP, and in a formal letter to MPs from the Social Task Force about the Cost of Living Crisis and its impacts on Shropshire, to name just a few. In other words, this information has power to help make a difference for our sector.

But the VCSA needs you to make this picture a robust and reliable one. Without data from community groups, charities and social enterprises like yours, the messages that need to be delivered about the sector just can't have the same impact.

Please take just 15-20min and fill in the 2023 State of the Sector Survey today.

In order to include as many organisations as possible in this research, the VCSA is extending the deadline for this survey to the 31st of May. But don't wait! Take the survey now, and share it with your networks. Help get the message out about how important the sector is in our county!