Why should I choose to Work with VCS Assembly Representatives?

Having recognised the value of VCS representation in principle, how do you go about obtaining representatives? Although the simplest option is to invite a single organisation to the table, with more than 1600 registered charities in Shropshire, and many more informal voluntary groups, this kind of approach  means only those already ‘in the know’ get to know.  Choosing a VCS Assembly Representative solves this issue.

The Shropshire VCS Assembly is independent, free to join and open to all VCS organisations in Shropshire. It has the overall aim of providing a fair and effective mechanism for representation of the VCS. It uses established and extensive networks and communication links.

  • Our Assembly Representatives receive training. They will regard it as part of their role to communicate with, and represent, the wider voluntary sector.
  • The infrastructure of the Assembly facilitates communication with specific interest groups and the wider voluntary sector. Individual Reps can access support to help them engage more widely.
  • There are currently 200+ organisations directly registered with the Assembly and they receive our regular e-bulletin.
  • The Assembly recruits its Representatives through a democratic process that is open to all Assembly members.
  • Assembly Representatives understand the difference between Representation of the sector and single issue campaigns. They are briefed on how to deal with conflicts of interest.