Top Tips for Working With the VCS

  • Be clear about your expectations and what support you need from the VCS Assembly and its representative.
  • Support your VCS Assembly representative by providing any background information about the meeting you are holding.
  • Remember that information will flow two ways, and that your representative will need to report back to the Assembly (providing clear minutes of meetings will support this process).
  • Don’t expect your VCS representative to know all the answers. They may need time and support to carry out some consultation work with the Assembly before they can fully represent the views of the wider sector.
  • Bear in mind that there will not always be a consensus of opinion within the VCS and that it may be necessary to consider a range of views and suggestions.
  • Make sure your VCS Assembly representative feels able to contribute to meetings. Offer space on your agenda and create opportunities for involvement.
  • Try and send meeting dates and papers out in plenty of time.
  • Not all of our Representatives are paid employees, so be aware of your organisation’s policy and procedures to reimburse volunteers.
  • Take a look at the Compact. This is an agreement between Shropshire Council and the voluntary and community sector. It recognises shared values, principles and commitments and sets out guidelines for how both parties should work together. The Compact is a useful document to reference before working with the VCS even if you do not work for Shropshire Council.