0-25 Summit

The 0 -25 VCS Summit (often referred to as the Children’s Summit) aims to improve opportunities for voluntary and community organisations to participate in the working of Shropshire Children’s Trust and wider children’s services.  The Forum uses e-mail communication to share information and get ideas and support from the membership then meets  as and when to discuss significant issues.

Our representatives sit on several committees including the Children’s Trust. The Summit  is currently chaired by Richard Parkes from SYA (Shropshire Youth Association).  The forum is self supporting and meeting papers will be provided by the Chair prior to meetings.

Our Aims

We aim to provide our members with all the latest information from VCS representatives on Shropshire Children’s Trust (SCT) activities and news from SCT of new or developing initiatives and tendering opportunities. We also offer presentations from partners of Shropshire Children’s Trust with a question and answer session.  In addition, we aim to maximise the potential for networking opportunities and information exchange for VCS.

Chair and Representative to the Board: Richard Parkes

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